Andela Winshield Stripper Systems

JDM Aust proudly recommends and supplies Andela Products.


Andela Products, manufacturer of Andela Glass Recycling Systems, is pleased to announce the development of the Andela Windshield “Stripper” that now makes windshield and laminated glass recycling a reality!


The “Stripper” breaks down laminated glass and automobile windshields into two recyclable products:  (1) a clean, homogeneous pulverized glass product; and (2) plastic laminate pieces.   The Andela “Stripper” is unique in its ability to remove virtually all of the glass from the plastic laminate material, and provides a simple, low cost solution to windshield recycling.


The heart of windshield processing is the Andela Windshield and Glass Recycling System as shown in the attached literature.  When paired with an Andela Glass Pulverizer, this system can also process all other types of glass.