Rotochopper proudly manufactures innovative industrial grinding equipment for biomass fuels, landscape mulch, animal bedding, compost, RAS (recycled asphalt shingles), and many other applications proudly supported by JDM Aust Pty Ltd in Australia. For over twenty years Rotochopper have been opening new opportunities for low grade resources like wood waste, agricultural residue, sorted construction debris (C & D), yard waste, and forestry slash by pioneering solid, practical equipment solutions.

We offer an extensive line of horizontal grinders, wood chip processors, asphalt shingle grinders, hammer mills and mobile bagging systems. Our “Perfect In One Pass” grinding and coloring technology optimizes the value of your resources by consistently delivering the results you need, at low operating costs, without hassle. It’s the Rotochopper difference—and it has been defining our customers’ success stories since we first began manufacturing resource refining equipment.

Rotochopper Equipment

Diesel Horizontal Grinders

Known for superior particle size control and efficiency, our diesel horizontal grinders are available in portable and track configuration from 275 to 765 horsepower. Highly versatile and dependable, these advanced grinding systems deliver high quality finished products from a wide range of raw materials.

 + Electric Horizontal Grinders

Combining unmatched efficiency and particle size control, our electric horizontal grinders provide the consistent uptime required by transfer stations, biomass plants, material recovery facilities, and other operations with steady raw material streams.

+ Wood Chip Processors

Our “Perfect In One Pass” pass grinding technology efficiently converts wood chips to colored or natural landscape mulch at the lowest operating costs around. Our patented grind-and-color system puts operators in control of the color, size, and texture of their landscape mulch.


+ Mobile Bagging Systems

Highly portable and completely self-contained, our mobile baggers provide reliable on-site bagging capacity for mulch, compost, and many other bulk commodities.


+ Used Equipment

Our factory reconditioned equipment offers many of the benefits and patented features of our new models, and they are backed by the same attentive customer support as our brand new equipment.


  • Alt. Energy / Biomass
  • Animal Bedding and Feed
  • Asphalt Shingle Recycling
  • Bales
  • Bark
  • C & D Recycling
  • Colored Mulch
  • Food Waste
  • Forestry Slash
  • Logs & Whole Trees
  • Pallets
  • Sawmill Waste
  • Short Fiber Fuels
  • Tree Care Waste
  • Yard Waste

Features & Advantages

For over fifteen years, we’ve been recognized as innovators in the grinding equipment industry with several unique machines and patented features. These innovations form the “Perfect In One Pass” difference that defines our customers’ success stories.

Colorizer System

This patented system allows operators to grind and color virtually any clean wood fiber virtually any color. The power application system injects water and colorant directly into the grinding chamber to offer the most efficient means of producing colored landscape mulch. Utilizing the force of the grinding process to mix colorant into mulch ensures thorough color application without hassle and waste.

Bale Pre-Processing System

Our unique bale pre-processor separates round or square bales into an even flow of loose material to the grinding chamber, optimizing efficiency and throughput. Fully integrated into the grinder’s control system, the bale pre-processor automatically adjusts its operating parameters according to bale consistency and will actually unroll round bales rather than simply tearing them apart unevenly.

Slab Ramp

This Rotochopper exclusive allows our horizontal grinders to efficiently process pliable feedstocks that can plug other grinders, like green slab wood, palm fronds, tomato vines, and various forms of agricultural residue. Simple and reliable, with no moving parts to break down, this patented feature lets operators quickly adjust the angle and speed at which feedstock enters the grinding chamber, creating an aggressive feeding angle appropriate for solid materials, and a less aggressive angle for pliable feedstocks.

StopWatch Monitor and Control System

Designed to reduce downtime and damage from severe rotor impacts, our patented StopWatch system stops and reverses the infeed when it detects excessive vibration. Integrated into the electronic control system, the StopWatch system monitors vibration directly from a rotor bearing and records an operating log of vibration levels to help operators manage maintenance and operating practices.

Replaceable Mount Rotor

Simple yet solid, this rotor (patent pending) allows operators to quickly change rotor mounts using only two bolts—no bushings, lock collars, or pins. Its unique design minimizes impact stress experienced by the mounting bolts. If one mount becomes damaged, only one needs to be replaced.

Unequal-length Powerfeed Linkage Arms

This innovative powerfeed lift system (patent pending) keeps the powerfeed close to the rotor throughout its lift path, in contrast to traditional powerfeed arms that widen the distance as the powerfeed rises. This lift assembly can generate remarkable downward pressure with little effort and applies this force close to the rotor, where it is most effective at controlling the feed rate.

90-degree Side Loading Conveyor

When equipped with this option, our horizontal grinders can fill parallel open top semi trailers. The 90-degree side loading conveyor reduces downtime required to position the grinder and trailer in cramped operating environments like forestry landings.

Rotating Anvil

A key advantage of our asphalt shingle grinders, the rotating anvil (patent pending) force feeds a steady flow of raw material to the rotor to allow rapid, yet smooth, grinding. Designed for the abrasiveness and pliability of asphalt shingles, the rotating anvil experiences significantly less wear than typical anvils and enhance grinding efficiency.

Screen Installation System

All of our grinders and chip processors allow fast, convenient rotor access and screen changes with our unique screen installation system. Screens can be changed in as little as fifteen minutes without additional tools.

Aggressive Powerfeed

Each of our horizontal grinders features an aggressive powerfeed drum with deep serrated teeth. Combined with a steel slat infeed conveyor, the powerfeed drum provides controlled feed rates for vastly different feedstocks: whole trees, pallets, wood chips, tomato vines, green slab wood, corn stover, yard waste, and much more.

Steel Slat Infeed Conveyor

Smooth steel slat infeed conveyors give our grinders the capacity to efficiently feed diverse feedstocks with less spillage and wear than drag chain conveyors. Our unique infeed transition system allows raw materials to flow smoothly from the infeed conveyor to the grinding chamber, preventing loose particles from falling directly onto the collection conveyor and decreasing finished product value.

Rotor, Tooth, & Screen Designs

A key to our “Perfect In One Pass” advantage is our focus on screen and tooth design. The right screens and teeth are essential to finished product control, and we offer a wide selection to maximize the versatility of our grinding equipment.

Advanced Electronic Control Systems

We use state of the art control systems to provide superior equipment control, monitoring, and diagnostic capabilities. User-friendly and reliable, our controllers take the guess work out of equipment settings, allowing operators to quickly make accurate adjustments to infeed speed and other settings.

Dust Control

Each of our grinders comes standard with a grinding chamber water injection manifold for suppressing dust. Injecting a small amount of water directly into the grinding chamber provides effective dust control. Our colorizer system provides the same dust control benefits. We offer several additional dust control options for sensitive environments; please call for details.

OEM Components

We use OEM components from industry leaders like CAT, PT Tech, and Flexxaire to guarantee the best combination of performance, reliability, and customer support. These OEM solutions allow us to suit the unique challenges of each customer with practical technology that is backed by world-wide service.