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Mobile Screens

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brand-logo_zemmlerZEMMLER was found in 2000. Since 2008, the mobile and stationary MULTI SCREEN® double trommel screens are completely manufactured in Großräschen.

Production and quality check has highest priority to us. This is significant for reliability of all ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® screens. Zemmler manufacture according to modern production standards. Each screen is thoroughly tested before delivering to the customer.

The MULTI SRCEEN® double trommel screens allow screening of different material into three fractions in just one working stage. Saving time and reduce your costs for personnel. Operator friendly, the mobile screens ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® are able to set up in just 5 minutes.

Double Trommel

The technology of the double trommel enables screening into 3 products in just one working stage. The wire screens are mounted around the outer trommel, which allows an exact separating and a good screening result of each product – fine middle and coarse.

Screening into 3 products

  • fine product: 2 – 80 mm, as required
  • middle product: between 2 – 80 mm and up to 170 mm
  • coarse product: larger 170 mm (standard mesh size)

Stationary Screens

The stationary double trommel screens ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® are characterized by flexibility. Various demands and materials require easy changeable wire screens with different mesh sizes of 2 – 80 mm. The self-driven cleaning brush guarantees a permanent clean outer screen to achieve continuous high performance of the screening machine.

The drive of the stationary screens is electric and can be customized on demand. High standards of reliability are due to in-house quality checks and parts of well-known producers.

Plant construction

Customer requests about plant construction can be realised by Zemmler. These additions can be added to screens to achieve an ideal screening result.

  • Bar Sizer
  • Batch Feeder
  • Conveyors

Wire screens

The double trommel consists of a stable and robust inner trommel. It separates coarse material and also protects the outer trommel against damage. This enables a mounting of the wire screens around the outer trommel.

The wire screens have various mesh sizes of 2 – 80 mm and different shapes like square mesh, harp mesh or long mesh. Wire screens are compact and are easy to transport to each working sight. The change of this wire screens is simple and fast – no special tools are necessary.

Options and Versions

To ensure an optimum adaptation to the individual conditions and screening requirements, our MULTI SCREEN® double trommel screens can be equipped with various options. Here you will get an overview of a little selection of our broad versions:

  • MS1600
  • MS3200
  • MS4200
  • MS5200
  • MS6700

Available in:

  • Skid mounted
  • Hook lift Mounted for MS 1600 and MS 3200
  • Track Mounted
  • Trailer Mounted

Options available

  • Hydraulic Stone grizzly
  • Conveyor extensions
  • Trommel extension
  • Diesel/Electric drive
  • Single trommel
  • Trommel screens – mesh, wire, plate
  • Remote control
  • Cleaning-brush, self powered
  • Colour

The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 1600 is mostly designed for company’s operative in gardening and landscaping. Compact dimensions and a low weight make this screening machine an interesting alternative for being hauled after pick-up trucks and small trucks.

By installing an additional ring you can remodelling the machine in just a few minutes into a three-product-machine. The outer trommel is equipped with wire screen panels for an ideal screening result.


The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 3200 is also developed for companies operative in gardening and landscaping. The feeding unit and rough construction are nearly the same like MS 1600, so it is possible to feed the machine with the wheel loaders which are usual in gardening. Basically MS 1600 and MS 3200 differ in the length of the double trommel. By installing an additional ring you can remodelling the machine in a third-product-screen.


The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 4200 has a total screen surface of about 32 sqm. This screen is designed to meet all different needs of users.

Its high range of flexibility, mobility, performance and its easy handling are just some advantages of this trommel.

Screenings are being separated into 3 products in just 1 working stage. Using wire screens on the outer screen increases the efficiency of the trommel.

The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 4200 screens various materials with an output of up to 120 cbm an hour.


The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 5200 provides with its over 5 meter long double trommel a total screen surface of about 46.6 sqm. This screen is designed for screening with small mesh sizes and sticky material. The longer moving time of the material within the trommel results in neat screening products.

The double trommel screen enables a screening of the material into 3 products in just one working stage. Using wire screens on the outer trommel increases the efficiency of the screen surface.


The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 6700 is the largest screen of the product family. With its total screening surface of more than 60m² and a length of the trommel of 6.700 mm it can even screen cohesive material easily and in a good quality- even with small mesh sizes.

The MS 6700 can screen into three products in just one working stage by using the proven double trommel technology.



The starscreen machine from Backers. The original.

For more than 20 years, Backers has been known for high-performance starscreen technology – Made in Germany. In this process we have constantly improved our products and adapted our services to the needs of our customers. Every machine is manufactured for you order-related at our plant in Twist. There is a wide range of additional components at your disposal in order to set up the starscreen machinery optimally to meeting your needs.

2-fractions functionality

3-fractions functionality

Screening and mixing machine functionality

Hard Particle Separator

Hard Particle Separator


Separation of heavy, solid particles from flat, light particles.

Due to the kinetic energy heavy, solid particles tends to fall down. Caused by the vibration flat, light particles are transported upwards on the separation plates.

The separation plates are located in such a way that the feed material will be splitted (separated) into two frac­tions like solid and light particles.

By setting the separation plates, dropping height and amplitude, the Separator easily can be adjusted to va­rious applications.


Heavy duty vibrating machine with various inclined separation plates. Inclination of each plate to be adjusted individually. Drive via unbalanced motors or exciter gear box.


• Ordinary, heavy duty welded and bolted structure.

• Low maintenance costs.

• Low drive power required.

• Sufficient separation without demand of air.




•Industrial waste

•Household waste

•Recycling fuels

Eddy Current

At JDM Aust we only offer what we believe is the best possible technology available, IFE Eddy Current Separators are used worldwide and are considered one of the best in the world today. Please contact us for further information.

IFE Eddy Current Separator

 As the need to continually stream line and effectively separate the recyclable materials from our ever growing waste streams Eddy Current Separators have played an integral role in the separation of Non-Ferrous metals from our waste streams such as MSW, C&D, C&I, Green Waste, RDF’ s, Electronic Scrap and Metal recycling just to name a few. IFE Eddy Current Separators are used worldwide for this application and are considered one of the best in the world today as we use only the best magnetic material available. IFE supply a wide range of Eddy Current Separators ranging from production widths of 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and the world’s first 2500mm wide production unit.

Benefits of the IFE-eddy current separator

  • High separation capacity
  • High purity of separated fractions
  • Special arrangement of magnetic system
  • Use of the best magnetic material
  • Compact solution for ferrous and non-ferrous separation


The eddy current effect appears if nonferrous conductors of electricity are exposed to a magnetic alternating field.The eddy currents in turn generate magnetic fields whose flux are opposed to the fields generating them, thus causing repulsive forces which discharge nonferrous metals out of the material flow.


The IFE eddy current metal separator consists of a belt conveyor with two tail pulleys.The driving drum on the feeding side is driven by a geared motor, the belt speed can be electronically adjusted by continuous control. An extremely strong, fast rotating permanent magnetic system is located in the head pulley. The specific geometry of the magnetic system generates a pulse like magnetic field. The number of revolutions of the magnetic field is also continuously adjustable and can thus be adapted to the individual cases. The whole machine is a modular construction on a base frame (feeder, Eddy Current Separator, splitter unit) which can be easily transported and installed. An extensively equipped control makes possible an optimum adaptation to the respective charging material, thus ensuring best separation results.

Air Separation

brand-logo_nihotJDM Aust Pty Ltd supplies only the best possible equipment to our existing and new customers as we believe that the leaders in their fields of expertise are leaders for many reasons but most of all they have a proven track record of manufacturing and supplying high quality equipment that deliver cost effective results on a continual basis over a long period of time.

nihot-air-separationNihot Recycling Technology is a proven market leader in the supply of waste separation technologies, systems and components, using controlled air. Nihot’s air technologies reflect a superior reliability, offering a high waste separation efficiency of up to 99%. Nihot Recycling Technology BV has more than 65 years of experience in air separation technologies. One of Nihot’s core technologies is controlled air, which is a perfect waste separation medium both in terms of process technology and business solutions.


The Nihot Windshifter has a proven high operational reliability. It separates and/or upgrades various waste streams, such as:

  • Single stream (e.g. commingled recyclables)
  • Construction & demolition waste
  • Commercial & industrial waste
  • And more

It is typically used to separate light materials from heavy, fraction sizes of 5-400 mm.

Effective and reliable waste separation

The Nihot Windshifter offers effective segregation, with a high separation efficiency of up to 99%. It is a perfect separating solution based on density and size of the material at high capacities of up to 100 tonnes/hour.

A few other characteristics and benefits:

  • Low dust emission thanks to controlled circular airflow
  • Maximum control of the caloric value
  • Low maintenance and few wear parts
  • Proven reliability, reduced downtime
  • Flexible footprint, Combi Separator can be placed anywhere

Details and principles windshifter

The Nihot Windshifter is a combination of a recirculation fan, a separation unit and a combi separator.

Process description

It separates the input into two fractions, light and heavy. In the separation unit (the sifter unit) the heavy materials are separated from the light materials. The lighter materials are transported (by controlled air flows) to the combi separator, where the materials will be separated from the air stream. In stead of a combi separator, a rotary air separator can be used in a windshifting system.

Process description Nihot WindshifterClick to enlarge.

Types of Windsifters

The Windshifter is standardized and it is available in various designs, with effective widths of 500 mm up to 2000 mm. We provide the following types of Windshifters:

  • WS-S, a Windshifter with a diagonal separation unit
  • WS-V, a Windshifter with a vertical separation unit
  • WS-Z, a Windshifter with a zigzag separation unit



The Nihot Drum Separator is an effective separating solution using controlled air. It is utilized toseparate and/or upgrade various waste qualities, such as Municipal Solid Waste or Construction & Demolition Waste and other waste materials. It processes many different waste streams very efficiently, including:

  • larger fractions
  • bulky soft materials
  • products with relative higher moisture content

The Nihot Drum Separator is one of our air-controlled separation solutions, which is an ideal medium to separate waste based on density of the material. It has a highseparation efficiency of up to 99 %.

The Nihot Drum Separator has a capacity of up to 100 tonnes/hr of input and up to 25 tonnes/hr of separated light fraction. It can handle large fraction sizes (e.g. film and plastic bags) easily.

A dust suppression system is essential to meet local and international Health & Safety regulations and to comply with environmental directives and regulations with regard to dust emission.

Nihot offers turn-key dust suppression systems for the Environmental and Recycling Industry, more specifically for waste sorting and recycling facilities.

In general, our dust control solutions give the tools to minimize, control and monitor dust emission, and to improve the air quality considerably.

We realize dust suppression systems on a turnkey basis,including:

  • The design, engineering and manufacturing of all the necessary dust hoods, air ducting, ventilators, filter units, etc.
  • Supervision during assembly on site, testing, commissioning and training.

Types of dust suppression systems

  • A primary dust suppression system
  • A secondary dust suppression system
  • Dust suppression / air treatment in e.g. hand picking stations

Primary Dust Suppression

 Specific units in a waste sorting or recycling facility (such as shredders, screens, shifters, transfer chutes on conveyors, separators) are connected to a dust suppression system, building up a fully closed system.


Secondary Dust Suppression

Secondary dust suppression is an extraction of the whole volume of a building, followed by a cleaning process. After that the air will be returned (partly) to the building and/or emitted into the open air.

Dust Suppression / Air Treatment in Enclosed Spaces

An air treatment system that guarantees a pleasant work environment, creating excellent interior air quality and conditions in e.g. hand picking stations (sorting cabins). The system preconditions air prior to feeding it to the enclosed space, while changing the volume up to 6 or 10 times per hour.

The Nihot Rotary Air Separator (RAS) separates waste materials (fractions) from the conveying airflow by passing it over a perforated screen.

A few advantages of the Nihot Rotary Air Separator:

  • It has a stainless steel separator screen to prevent dust to become electro static, i.e. self cleaning.
  • Fully sealed, dust free operation.
  • 3 large hatches for easy access for inspection/maintenance purposes.



The Rotary Air Separator is applied:

  • As a stand alone system in specific airflows like paper or cardboard. Possible to place it directly above a baler.
  • In combination with a Nihot Windshifter to separate the light fraction from the airflow.
  • To separate any light fraction from the exhaust airflow from a Windshifter and/or Drum Separatorto prevent particles to enter the filter unit.

For smaller volumes, a Rotary Air Separator can be used in combination with a Nihot Windshifter.


Typical applications Rotary Air Separator

in main airflows: in secondary airflows:
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic film
  • Wood chips
  • RDF / SRF
  • Film vacuum systems
  • Light fractions from windshifters
  • Light fractions from Drum Separators
  • Light fractions from WEEE separation
  • Light fractions from glass clean up







How does the RAS function?

 The waste materials are separated from the conveying airflow by passing it over a perforated screen.
1. The clean airflow is discharged horizontally into a filter unit or returned to the main air system in close loop.
2. The separated materials are vertically discharged via a rotary valve for further processing.
The Nihot Rotary Air Separators are supplied in various sizes ranging from 22.000 m3/h up to 55.000 m3/h airflow. Those type of separators process fractions from 5 up to 200 mm.

Nihot has developed a unique method of taking out film, plastics and foils from waste streams in sorting cabins. We call this our Film Vacuum System.
The Film Vacuum System consists of one or more suction points, a re-circulation fan, and a material/air separator. The complete systems works in a closed loop. This means that the air which is used to suck the material is 100% brought back into the system.
The material which is (manually) brought to the suction point, is sucked into suction hood and pneumatically conveyed to a Rotary Air Separator or Combi Separator where the material is dropped pressure less onto a conveyor belt or storage bay.
The main advantages are:

  • Closed loop system
  • No surrounding air is extracted
  • No (air) conditioning of sorting cabin needed
  • Can be easily retro fitted

The SDS Compact Series are compact Single Drum Separators that upgrade and separate a wide variety of waste materials in two fractions: heavy and light.
The SDS Compact Series are available both in stationary set up and in semi mobile set up. Thanks to their compact design, these type of separators can be easily transported and moved.


Versatile Compact Drum Separator

A few examples of materials that can be separated by means of the versatile Compact (Drum Separator) Series:

  • Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Glass
  • Compost
  • Construction & Demolition Waste
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Details SDS Compact Series

Their compact design enables the SDS compact separators to be transported and installed easily. A few characteristics with regard to their mobility and compact design:

  • Plug & Play arrangement.
  • A small footprint (standard a 20 feet skid).
  • The complete separator system fits in one 40 ft high cube à cube container.
  • Quicky and easy to install, operational within one hour after delivery on site.

This plug & play type of separator separates input materials with a fraction range from 5 to 250 mm. They are supplied with an effective conveyor width of 650 mm.

SDS 650-C XL, long expansion chamber

Whenever you have an application where the volume of light weight fraction is more substantial, Nihot offers you the Semi Mobile Drum Separator with a (twice as) long expansion chamber. 

All other aspects and benefits remain like his smaller brother. Please contact us for more information.

Overview components SDS Compact Series

  • Product Input Conveyor (PIC)
  • Splitter drum
  • Heavy fraction conveyor
  • Expansion chamber
  • Light fraction conveyor
  • Air return ducting
  • Recirculation fan
  • Adjustable air nozzle
  • Filter unit
  • Electrical cabinet

Nihot Test Centre ” Seeing is Believing “

New methods of waste collection need to be evaluated. Our test center is equipped with a single drum separator, a diagonal windshifter (WS-S), a vertical windshifter (WS-V), a combi separator with rotary valve, a rotary air separator and a dust filter. We can test your sample material on one individual machine, or by a combination of machines. After testing, a full test report is made up including photographs and separation results.

Vibratory Screening

JDM Aust Proudly supplies and recommends IFE

At IFE, quality and reliability, safety and commercial efficiency have been our main priorities for more than six decades.

It is on the basis of this orientation and continous innovation that IFE is able to assert itself as a worldwide leading supplier of machine components for the bulk materials industry.

Our customers benefit from the maximum use of the experience we have gained in supplying for many applications in various industries. This experience represents the driving force for constant product development.

IFE’s Australian activities are supported by JDM Aust Pty Ltd.

Vibratory Screening Technology

Screening solutions for nearly any material – owing to extensive know-how with bulk material screening.

There is a large field requiring the use of vibratory devices for preseperation, separation, screening and classification purposes. Efficiency and automation measures make high demands on reliability and precision. Known as a reliable partner for many years, IFE manufactures a whole range of screens and special screens.

In addition to conventional linear motion and circular motion vibrating screens, IFE offers special screening machines for very demanding duties:

The optimal solution for screening without clogging of material difficult to screen.


  • Banana screens
  • Dewatering screens
  • Circular vibratory screens
  • Linear screens
  • Waste screens
  • Sizers
  • Trisomat (flip-flop screening machines)
  • Underwater screens