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Screens Stationary

brand-logo_ifeIFE was founded in 1947 as Institute for Technical Research and Development and is today among the world’s leading manufacturers of vibro conveyors, screening machines and magnetic separators.


At IFE, quality and reliability, safety and commercial efficiency have been our main priorities for more than six decades. It is on the basis of this orientation and continuous innovation that IFE is able to assert itself as a worldwide leading supplier of machine components for the bulk materials industry.

Our customers benefit from the maximum use of the experience we have gained in supplying for many applications in various industries. This experience represents the driving force for constant product development.

The company’s global activities are supported by sales partner throughout Europe and overseas.

Screening solutions for nearly any material – owing to extensive know-how with bulk material screening.

There is a large field requiring the use of vibratory devices for pre-separation, separation, screening and classification purposes. Efficiency and automation measures make high demands on reliability and precision. Known as a reliable partner for many years, IFE manufactures a whole range of screens and special screens.

In addition to conventional linear motion and circular motion vibrating screens, IFE offers special screening machines for very demanding duties:

The optimal solution for screening without clogging of material difficult to screen.

  • Banana screens
  • Dewatering screens
  • Circular vibratory screens
  • Linear screens
  • Waste screens
  • VARIOMAT double deck combi
  • Sizers
  • Trisomat (flip-flop screening)
  • Underwater screens


JDM Aust proudly supplies and recommends the IFE range of Trisomat (Flip Flop) Screens for a variety of applications one of these being the screening of Compost. We have a large range of these screens Australia wide working in the Compost Industry giving our customers the ultimate output and quality they would expect from these high quality machines.

JDM Aust has a test screen available, Please call for details

flip-flop screens

The perfect solution

Application range 
TRISOMAT-screens are ideally suited for the screening of:

  • Coal and coke
  • C&D waste
  • Sand and gravel
  • Municipal waste
  • Compost
  • Slag
  • Shredded materials


  • High feed rates
  • No pegging or blinding
  • Low dynamic loads
  • Safe operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Low weight     

The perfect solution

Screens in this series are the optimal solution for extremely difficult materials. Where conventional screening machines become blocked or stuck, these screens provide excellent results at high feed rates, even with small mesh sizes. The unique ”3-phase-oscillation“ of the TRISOMAT screen ensures

  • rapid break-up of the material in the feed area itself
  • efficient screening in the central area
  • intensive ”near-size“ screening in the discharge area

The screen for difficult to handle materials

 The perfect solution

Operating principle

Circular movement in the feed area – rapid material break-up, high feed rates,even with challenging materials.

The linear movement in the central area ensures optimal contact between the material and screen mesh – efficient screening!

Elliptical movement against the direction of conveyance – improved material destratification and ”near-size“ screening.

Screen crossbeams are fitted on two frames (the external and internal frames respectively) that can be moved together. Flexible screen panels fitted onto these crossbeams are tightened and loosened alternately via the frame movements. High acceleration forces prevent the screen deck becoming blocked up or sticking.

The frame movements are generated by an eccentric drive. The special motion of both frame systems means that three different oscillatory movements are produced on the external frame.

 Optional features

  • Triple deck design
  • Other dimensions
  • Dust sealing-system Trellex
  • Chutes
  • Screen mats in various qualities/thicknesses
  • Bolted top cover
  • ATEX-design
  • Side sealing (if required)

Scalping – For scalping usually Grizzly feeders in heavy duty design are in operation.

They are used to feed crushers and mills, or as separating grates in the foundry industry.

Sizing – One of the main mechanical handling methods used for granular bulk material is screening. The type of material, the grain shape and grain size, humidity, output and screen cut size as well as a many other parameters necessitate a broad spectrum of different solutions.

Desliming-Deslurring-Dewatering – For this purpose more or less only linear vibratory screens are used today. They are in operation for recovering dense media in heavy media plants, for removing from very fine materials respectively dewatering of materials won or processed in a wet state to enable onward feeding on conveyor belts.

Individual solutions – In addition to conventional linear motion and circular motion vibrating screens, IFE offers special screening machines for very demanding duties. The optimal solution  for screening without clogging of material difficult to screen.