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Truck Tippers


Phelps Industries is a family owned business which has been manufacturing materials handling equipment since 1927. The early years focused on pneumatic loading systems. In the early 1970’s Phelps Industries expanded in the manufacturing of truck dumpers, various hoppers and hydraulic power units. Hydraulic telescopic cylinders became a part of our offerings in 1980. At the present time, Phelps Industries has more than 950 dumpers in service all across the United States and 29 other countries around the world.
Phelps Industries has technical staff who have been designing and building the dumpers, hydraulic systems and large telescopic cylinders for over 20 years. The Phelps President, Ivo Phelps, has been designing and building heavy industrial equipment for over 40 years.

Truck tippers 1Truck tippers 2


Equipment manufactured by Phelps Industries include: Truck Dumpers with a variety of lengths and options; Semi-Portable, and Fully Portable Truck Dumpers; Receiving Hoppers with moving floor (Corn Hopper), drag chain or screw bottom floor options; Portable Landfill Tippers; Reclaimers; Up-ending Container Loaders/Unloaders; Large Telescopic and Rod Cylinders and Hydraulic Power Units designed to meet the application. We also engineer and fabricate custom equipment designed to meet the specialty needs of our customers. Our years of experience in design, development and manufacturing assure you of the finest products at the most competitive prices. Our goals are clear in our company and its’ industry. We manufacture rugged dependable equipment and follow up with comprehensive service.

The Phelps Low Profile Landfill Trailer Tipper is designed for over-the-road transportation, when several major components are unpinned and removed comprising a second trailer load. Tipper is designed to raise itself in front for coupling to a truck/tractor or converter dolly for relocation in the landfill. Time required for in-the-cell relocation is approximately fifteen minutes. This ease of movement is critical to landfill operation to save the costs of long distance pushing of materials away from tipper. All portable landfill tippers utilize a self-contained diesel powered hydraulic power unit.

  • Economical
  • Haul Greater Payloads
  • Less Maintenance
  • Expand Landfill Production
  • Upgrade Working Conditions
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Improve Landfill Efficiency
  • Increase Profits

These models are set on a poured concrete foundation at your plant. We manufacture a variety of different models. Each model is determined by the length and its tilt angle. Our assembly mission is to build a strong rigid platform. This is why the dumper is fabricated 10′-0″ wide by the desired length. This means one large fully welded deck shipped to you. Our standard lengths are 35′. 40′, 45′, 50′, 60′, 65′, 70′ and 75′ which indicates the amount of useable deck. Standard tilt angles are 36, 45, 55, and 63 degrees. The product you are handling will determine the needed tilt angle. This is directly related to the angle of repose of the product. We will be happy to consult with you regarding this, given our experience.
If you would like to know more about specific engineering data, please call or fax in your inquiry. We will discuss your application and the design criteria required. Keep in mind all parameters of your application, length of trailer or truck, gross weight, product handled, and if you would like to back on or drive through the unit. We look forward to designing and supplying the best engineered product to accomplish your task.

Portable Units equipped with axles, wheels and tires are designed for over-the-road transport of complete tipper when several major components and unpinned and removed comprising a second trailer load. Actual tipper is deisgned to be coupled to a truck by king pin arrangement and hauled as a self-contained unit.
Our fully portable units* are offered in different styles. A standard elevated unit utilizes an extended approach ramp. Low Profile design uses short approach ramps for applications with limited space or where an extended approach ramp is not practical.
These portable units may be equipped with either electric or diesel powered hydraulic power units.
A portable unit designed to be moved with less frequency utilizes a subframe only, with the dumper sitting directly onto a flat surface. This unit is portable in that it is fully capable of being moved, yet must be lifted onto a flatbed trailer for transport. These portable units are also offered in both the standard and low-profile types which utilize a simple, shortened approach ramp. The low-profile style portable unit may also be used in combination with a live floor hopper.

Phelps Industries, Inc. offers tilters that can be designed to either load or unload 20 to 40 foot intermodal containers. These can be set up to work with flatbed trailers or a transfer car rail system. The bulkhead retainer, with or without a discharge manifold, can be used to interface with your takeaway system. Our systems are not a “one size fits all”. We will modify our equipment to suit your systems and materials handled. Tilters can be set up to elevate from 30 degrees to 65 degrees. Phelps’ tilters may be permanently affixed to a concrete foundation or equipped with a sub-frame for semi-portable operation on a concrete slab. Tilters may be equipped with a scale system for continuous weighing. Bulk loads delivered in intermodal containers are a step to the future, and we’re here to help.

Our extended arm dumper follows and extended radius over our 4,400 cubic foot hopper for complete unloading. This in turn allows for full turn around for hauler and plant receiving operations.
Several standard live bottom receiving hoppers are available in a variety of holding capacities and discharge rates. All hoppers are available for handling wood chips, bark, wood waste and other bulk materials, such as produce, scrap tires and solid waste. Mechanical and hydraulic drives operate a choice of drag chain or reciprocating floors.

Paper mills and biomass plants that receive bark, hogged fuel and wood waste for energy or paper production have seen a change in the quality of these raw materials. New and existing bark hoppers all have the same coherent problem handling these raw materials regardless of the hopper width or length – bridging inside the hopper or bottlenecking at the metering gate.
This is where the Phelps Backrake comes into play. Like no other device, the Phelps Backrake is designed to break-up this raw material and create a consistent hopper discharge rate. The Backrake is custom fit to virtually all types of truck dump hoppers regardless of the manufacturer.
The Backrake is essentially a set of paddles with spikes that revolve in an upward rotation. It is positioned at the discharge end of the hopper at a specified height above the hopper floor based on the desired discharge rate. The continuous lifting motion of the paddles and cutting action of the spikes breaks up clumps of material allowing a consistent discharge under the rake and out of the hopper.

Phelps specialize in large multiple stage single acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders. They offer a full line of four stage, single acting telescopic cylinders with five standard series of sizes. These range from a smallest (final) moving stage O.D. size of 125mm to 250mm. Phelps Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinders can replace existing telescopic cylinders and retrofit to any existing truck dumper. Phelps Telescopic Cylinders meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.
Custom Telescopic Cylinders: Phelps’ engineering department can also design and manufacture custom telescopic hydraulic cylinders from one to five stages.
Hydraulic power units , with certain design criteria and circuitry, can be supplied complete. Controls can be arranged to extend a single telescopic cylinder or to operate a series of telescopic cylinders. Reservoir sizes can range from 240lt to 8,000lt.

  • Well Engineered
  • Wide Bearings
  • Effective Seals
  • Accessible Packing
  • Quality Control




Presona AB is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of balers with pre-pressing technology for efficient baling of the most varieties of material – from paper and plastic to household and industrial waste. The product range also includes pneumatic waste extraction systems for the graphics industry, paper and packaging manufacturers and sorting plants for household waste.

The company is based in Tomelilla in southern Sweden close to the continent. The head office and factory are housed in modern airy buildings in which the working environment has been prioritized. We have an efficient production flow and cooperate with established suppliers in order to ensure quality at every stage.

Presona’s safety and environmental awareness permeates into our work – our employees’ working environment must be safe. It is paramount to us that the equipment we supply always offers the customer the greatest possible security.

Presona´s equipment can be found (almost) everywhere. We have supplied baling systems, waste extraction and sorting plants to more than 65 countries all over the world.

Presona – the smart baler

If you want a baler that will perform with an optimized energy efficiency, choose the Presona baler.lp40eh1_in-5-720x340

The correct capacity Presona baler to meet the customer’s requirements is always available. The Presona Baler Series consists of 6 basic models, the OH, EH, VH, CH, DH and XH. These letters refer to size of the feed opening. All models are available with either larger or doubled up motors for higher output.

The OH model is developed for the printing, packaging and graphic industry. Typically fed by means of a pneumatic feeding system. The OH model has no prepress – suitable for low headroom. The LP 40 OH baler has a throughput capacity of up to 10 tons/hour.LP-50-EHF2_2-720x340

The EH, VH and CH models accept and process most materials, from paper and PET-bottles to household and industrial waste. Typically fed by means of a conveyor system. All equipped with prepress. This series has a throughput capacity of up to 50 tons/hour.

The DH and XH models have the unique two-step prepress system allowing a feed opening width up to 2,2 m – all the way from the feed opening down to the bottom of the press chamber – excellent when baling bulky material. Capacity up to 50 tons/hour.



  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Highly resistant to wear thanks to the unique prepress technique
  • Bales of optimum size and density
  • Easily operated
  • Mechanically reliable and quiet in operation
  • Incorporate a high degree of safety in all components
  • Safest possible working conditions


We will be exhibiting at the Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo on the 23rd-24th of August, 2017 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Come and say hello to the team.

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Special Application

Scrap & Auto Recycling Equipment


Al-jon provides the best car loggers, scrap metal balers and car crushers in the industry.


To make money in the scrap business, you have to crush or bale all you can. Successful operations rely on Al-jon scrap recycling equipment.

In 1963, Al-jon designed and built our first car crusher. We’ve followed a straightforward philosophy – Keep it simple. Build it strong. We have remained true to that promise ever since. Al-jon uses stronger, lighter materials. Instead of expensive high-pressure hydraulic systems, Al-jon uses a reliable low-pressure system with a two-stage pump.


Find out more about our scrap recycling equipment:

  • Al-jon Impact V car crusher
  • Al-jon 400XL logger baler
  • Al-jon 580CL car logger
  • Al-jon End of Life Vehicle Recycling System (ELV)
  • Al-jon scrap accessories

Al-jon’s Impact V (pronounced Impact Five) Car Crusher is a revolutionary, portable, one-man operation car crusher that can crush up to five cars.

Raise the cylinder cases, lock them into position (with the simple key-way design) and it’s ready to work. This unique design has reduced total set-up time to less than one minute. The raised-cylinder design gives the cylinders on the Impact V more power by pushing down to crush the material.


  • Revolutionary Quad-Post Guide System
  • High strength back wall
  • Two year bumper to bumper warranty
  • One-man operation – Manual or remote radio control
  • Control with 2 available cycles
  • Durable high-strength steel construction
  • Hydraulic landing gear
  • Air compressor
  • Oil recovery system
  • Exclusive cylinder locking system
  • Overload sensitivity
  • Completely portable with air brakes
  • Compensating suspension
  • Automatic cycling
  • One minute set-up


The key to the Quad-Post system is the equal distribution of the crushing force to the four corners of the crushing lid. The crushing lid is connected to the four sliding guides by heavy-duty pivot lugs mounted on each corner. The stress is distributed equally across the guide posts, sliding guides and pivot lugs, giving the Impact V greater stability and durability.


The back wall of the Impact V car crusher has been designed incorporating high strength steel, which provides you with a solid backboard for positioning vehicles during loading and unloading. Over 25% of the Impact V’s (26,173 kg) are constructed out of high strength steel. This makes the Impact V lighter as well as stronger.


Al-jon’s 400XL Baler has a curved box design and larger loading chamber to efficiently process bulky loose scrap, white goods and gauge material down to manageable 20 in. (508 mm) high x 32 in. (813 mm) wide variable length bundles (20 in. (508 mm) minimum).

Al-jon 400XL with continuous rotation material handler

The operator controls the 3-way compression process from the operator cab. Final compression is fully automatic. Increased hydraulic power allows the operator to sort and stack material during the automatic baling cycle eliminating lost labor time and minimizing the labor cost per ton. Al-jon’s 400XL Baler is solidly-built to withstand the demands of the job. Our machine proves that there is no substitute for iron.


  • L box design
  • 360 degree continuous rotation material handler
  • Throttle inside cab
  • Fully portable and road legal
  • Four corner hydraulic outriggers for stability
  • One man operation
  • High visibility operator’s station
  • Fully automatic cycle (Doors close – Ram in and out – Doors open)



  • Fully portable one man operation and road legal
  • 360 degree continuous rotation material handler
  • Throttle inside cab
  • Four corner hydraulic outriggers for stability
  • Continuous grapple rotation
  • L box design
  • High visibility operator’s station
  • Process loose tin and white goods into shredder acceptable logs or bales
  • Process vehicles up to full size trucks & vans
  • Fully automatic cycle (Doors close – Ram in & out – Doors open)


Load car…Hold Down…Load crusher…Remove for transport.

ELV – Car DismantlingThere are many configurations of Al-Jon’s End of Life Vehicle Recycling System or ELV. The ELV can be built with diesel or electric power, with a pedestal mount crane or a frame mounted crane, with the Impact V Car Crusher or the 580 Car Logger. In addition, the ELV can be operated inside a building or out in the open. How you configure your End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling System is completely up to you.

If you are a high volume facility and you want to get every dollar out of a car prior to sending it off to the shredder, the ELV will reduce labor costs, increase production and does it all within a 50 ft. (15.2 m) x 60 ft. (18.3 m) footprint under a roof if desired. The ELV has allowed operators to recapture one to two valuable acres (4000 – 8000 sq. m) in their yard.


  • Reduces space for the scrap operation which allows more space for inventory
  • Reduces environmental concerns including storm water run off and noise pollution
  • Shortened clean-up time
  • One-man operation
  • Maximized core and scrap values
  • Increased production rates


REDWAVE Product News – HDPE Separation

REDWAVE – sensor based sorting machines – optimise the separation of HDPE

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