Hard Particle Separator


Separation of heavy, solid particles from flat, light particles.

Due to the kinetic energy heavy, solid particles tends to fall down. Caused by the vibration flat, light particles are transported upwards on the separation plates.

The separation plates are located in such a way that the feed material will be splitted (separated) into two frac­tions like solid and light particles.

By setting the separation plates, dropping height and amplitude, the Separator easily can be adjusted to va­rious applications.


Heavy duty vibrating machine with various inclined separation plates. Inclination of each plate to be adjusted individually. Drive via unbalanced motors or exciter gear box.


• Ordinary, heavy duty welded and bolted structure.

• Low maintenance costs.

• Low drive power required.

• Sufficient separation without demand of air.




•Industrial waste

•Household waste

•Recycling fuels