TitanJDM Aust has formed an alliance with Titan Industries to be able to offer JDM Aust’s customers in Australia and New Zealand what we believe is the best available conveying equipment manufactured and supported to the highest standards.

Conveyor Manufacturer Since 1981

Since 1981, Titan Industries has been designing and building custom conveyors and conveyor systems for a broad range of applications and industries.

Today, Titan offers a full line of pre-engineered and custom conveyors and allied equipment sold through JDM Aust in Australia and New Zealand.

Built to order for your application

Widest range of products in the industry means you deal with fewer suppliers
Your conveyor is made to order
Very few standards constraining you

What is difficult for others is NOT difficult for Titan

Numerous options

Approval drawings for each conveyor, and system layouts when required
Design Philosophy

Assume the conveyor will see abuse
All welded construction, heavy gauge
Immediate availability for most repair parts
High quality U.S. made components


Best in class lead times
On time performance you can count on
All manufacturing done in house, for project control

Value and Performance

Titan Conveyors are specifically designed and built to deliver the uptime you expect in your operation, are easy to maintain, and are competitively priced.

Recycling Conveyor Systems

Titan custom recycling systems and conveyors are designed for years of maintenance free operation in hostile environments. We have over 28 years of experience in designing and building recycling systems that provide extreme duty, proven reliability and low maintenance.

Titan Conveyors can be provided for virtually all conveying applications used in the Scrap and Recycling industry. Titan’s experience ranges from electronics and plastics to asphalt and wood.

In Material Recovery Facilities, Titan Conveyors are often used as an alternative to purchasing conveyors as part of expensive turnkey systems.

Titan has a wide variety of conveyor types from:

  • Model 660 – 6″ Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors
  • Model 460 Trough Conveyors
  • Model 304 Cleated Rubber Belt Conveyors
  • Model 108 Slicer Bed Belt Conveyors
  • Model 661 Chain Edge Rubber Belt Conveyor

that deliver your recycling to chutes, bins, compactors, or separation facilities. Titan conveyors can eliminate redundant handling by fork lifts and front end loaders by having your recycling materials dumped directly onto the conveyor system.

Titan hinged steel belt conveyors can help reduce your metal scrap handling problems by offering a line of conveyors that are reliable, low maintenance and cost effective.

Titan cleated rubber belt and slider bed conveyors as part of a tire recycling operation.


Roller Conveyors

To help industry convey light or heavy goods, Titan Industries offers custom roller bed conveyors. These roller conveyors are available in both chain- and belt-driven models. Also available in the roller conveyors category are Titan’s Pathway® Line Shaft Conveyors, gravity rollers and zero pressure accumulators.


Available Roller Conveyors

  • Chain-Driven Roller Conveyors
  • Belt-Driven Live Roller Conveyors
  • Line Shaft Roller Conveyor
  • Gravity Roller Conveyors
  • Zero Pressure Conveyors

All Titan roller conveyors are ruggedly constructed for dependable operation and are available in a variety of standard roller bed conveyor configurations.

When to use a roller conveyor?

Roller conveyors are the proper choice when you need to side load, push off, accumulate a product or adjust pressure on carrying rollers. Roller conveyor types are chain driven, belt driven, line shaft driven, accumulation, or non-powered (gravity). Using roller conveyors instead of slider bed conveyors adds versatility to the type of transfers, diverters and stops that can be used in a system. Rollers are available in mild steel, galvanized, plastic or stainless steel.

Steel Belt Conveyors

Titan custom steel belt conveyors are offered in low and full profiles. They are ideal for a variety of light and heavy duty applications, including machine tool and chip-handling environments. We offer three types of steel belt conveyors:

Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors

Ruggedly constructed for today’s machine tool environment and heavy-duty applications, Titan offers hinged steel belt conveyors with several inclined belting options for specific application requirements.

  • Four 2 ½-inch and 4-inch pitch models (Models 610, 620, 630 and 640) come with standard ½ horsepower 230/460 drives for lighter and heavy-duty cycles.
  • 6-inch pitch Model 660, designed for handling large scrap, has a standard 3/4 horsepower 230/460 drive.

Wire Mesh Custom Conveyors

Depending on loads and installation, Titan offers two models with a variety of wire mesh configurations and three different bed materials – UHWM plastic, roller or wear strip slider.

  • Model 124 is a multifunctional load carrier for drying, cooling or moving hot parts. Available with two deck styles, roller bed and longitudinal. Numerous optional belt types available.
  • Model 305 is a heavy-duty incline flat wire mesh conveyor that’s ideal for heat-treated, washed, dried or quenched parts.

Drag Flight/Drag Chain Conveyors

Titan’s Model 670 Drag Chain Conveyor is the choice for carrying lines and scrap that would jam a hinged steel belt unit. The chain has a 2 ½-inch pitch, with belts available in several widths

Belt Conveyors

Titan Industries has developed and custom-manufactured a broad line of belt conveyors that work in a variety of applications:

  • Lightweight slider bed models that quickly remove scrap under dies
  • Rugged sliders for heavy duty processes
  • Roller-bed models that reduce friction
  • Floor-to-floor incline roller-bed models that add flexibility and use space efficiently
  • Parts belt conveyors that efficiently convey and elevate many types of products from one machine to another

Slider Bed Conveyors – 3 models. Belt widths range from 2 to 48 inches depending on the model.
Roller Bed Conveyors – 2 models. Brawny and tough for heavy and extra-heavy loads.
Incline Conveyors – Maximize floor space and move materials from floor to floor with ease.
Cleated Belt/Parts Conveyors – Move light or heavy parts smoothly.
Plastic Belt Conveyors – Many models can be adapted to plastic belts.
All Titan belt conveyors are ruggedly constructed for dependable operation and are available in a variety of standard belt configurations. Many feature a modular design to ease system assembly.

Specialty Conveyors

Titan Industries designs and custom-builds specialty conveyors for special applications and plant floor layouts -Turntable, Solid Waste, Ball Transfer Table, Slat, Cooling & Drying, and Quench Feed models:



  • Ball Transfer Table
  • Cooling Conveyors & Drying Conveyors
  • Solid Waste Chain Edge Belt Conveyor
  • Slat Conveyors
  • Powered Turntable Conveyors
  • Pro Feed Steel Belt Parts Feeder
  • Quench Feed Conveyors
  • Chain
  • Pallet Handling
  • Table Top

Engineered Custom Conveyors

Titan’s engineering staff has the ability to design custom conveyors to meet your specific material handling needs. We excel in creative solutions to our customers unique problems with cost effective, reliable and innovative solutions.

Engineered Custom Systems

Titan’s engineering staff has the ability to design custom Systems to meet your specific material handling needs. We excel in creative solutions to our customers unique problems with cost effective, reliable and innovative solutions.



We have all of the belt, chain, screw and trough conveyors to get your material moving. Our product range includes reliable products, optimised for bulk material and piece goods, which help you to convey various raw and waste materials to their proper destination.

Fördern Gesamt

Drag chain conveyors have an endless chain with feed dogs which runs in a closed trough. This makes them suitable for transporting bulk materials.

KKF 400/500/600-1K-U

KKF 400/500/600-1K-U

KKF 400/500-1K-U/TS

DKKF 400/500/600-1K-U

KKF 800/1000/1200-2K-U

KKF 670/820/970/1150-2K-U

KKF 670/820/970/1150-2K-O

KKF 850/1050/1250/1450-2K-U

KKF 850/1050/1250/1450-2K-O

KKF 300-1K-E

KKF 300-1K-E/TS

KKF 330-1K-S

The VECOPLAN belt conveyors are available in two designs – as troughed or flat belt conveyor.


Belt conveyor VFB-F3


Belt conveyor VFB-M3

The pipe belt conveyor “VecoBelt” is ideal for conveying bulk materials over long distances either horizontally or on a slight incline. Conveying paths up to 400 m are possible.


Vibrating conveyors are ideal for feeding chippers or as discharge conveyors downstream of storage systems.

Vibrating conveyors

Screw conveyors are particularly suitable for use in cement production plants, semi-moist and fibrous materials can also be transported