REDWAVE is a flexible system with applications in a variety of fields, especially for the plastics industry. No matter how complex the sorting task may be the REDWAVE range of sorting equipment can achieve high levels of purity. REDWAVE guarantees high waste throughput with effective recovery of required materials, achieving maximum return on the separated commodities.

The systems below can be selected to achieve the optimum performance:

  • Multi-Sensors – a combination of Near Infrared Spectroscopy with colour sensors for material and colour recognition (NIR/C)
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopy – for material recognition (NIR)
  • Line Scan Camera Technology – for colour recognition (C)
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Technology – for recognition of chemical composition (XRF)


Plastics Sorter for Material and Colour recognition

1. REDWAVE NIR/C is an optical sorting machine which can recognise and separate the material and the colour in only one sorting step. The illumination unit and the sensors are placed above the sorting belt.

Sensor system:

Multi-Sensor NIR/C
This sorting machine combines Near Infrared Spectroscopy and colour sensor technology in a single machine.

Machine data:

  • Sorting width: 1000 – 2800 mm
  • Capacity: up to 8 t/hr (depending on the material and task)
  • Design: 2-way or 3-way machine


REDWAVE for material recognition

2. REDWAVE NIR is an optical sorting machine for separation of different type of plastic materials. The light source and the sensor system are placed above the sorting belt.

Sensor system:

Near Infrared (NIR)
This sorting machine works with Near Infrared Spectroscopy of the reflective light.

Machine data:

  • Sorting width: 600 – 2800 mm
  • Capacity: up to 8 t/hr (depending on the material and task)
  • Design: 2-way or 3-way machines


Plastic Sorter for colour recognition

3. REDWAVE C is an optical sorting system for colour recognition. This sorting machine, which works in the field of plastics sorting, is equipped with an RGB camera.

Sensor system:

Camera Technology
This sorting machine works with high-resolution RGB-sensors.

Machine data:

  • Sorting width: 800 – 2000 mm
  • Capacity: up to 5 t/hr (depending on the material and task)
  • Design: 2-way or 3-way machine

REDWAVE XRF – Plastics

Plastics Sorter for material and elements recognition.

4. The REDWAVE XRF technology separates material on the basis of chemical composition. This sorting system could revolutionize the whole market of plastic recycling. There is an extraordinarily high demand for a sorting machine capable of segregating dark PVC and brominated plastic from an infeed of shredded plastic.

Managing Director, Heinrich Fuchs:
“Our extensive experience in plastics sorting and our proven mechanical equipment combined with Olymup ANI’s XRF expertise will allow us to bring this much needed technology to market and offer a solution for the recyclers.”

This technology was developed in collaboration with Olypus ANI Systems. Olympus ANI is a world-leading innovator of portable/on-site XRF technology, offering handheld, mobile laboratory, and high volume in-line systems for a wide variety of industries. The XRF technology provides unique solutions, and has already proven to be a welcome addition to existing sorting technologies in both glass and metal recycling markets.