JDM Aust proudly recommends and supplies REDWAVE Sorting Technology in Australia

REDWAVE is a trademark of BT-Wolfgang Binder and is proudly distributed and supported in Australia by JDM Aust Pty Ltd. REDWAVE machines are used in the recycling and mineral industries to sort a wide and deversified range of materials.

REDWAVE sorting technology is successfully implemented worldwide for sorting a variety of materials in many fields. For the recycling industry, these machines enable fully automated separation of recyclable materials.

The processing of minerals places a high demand on the sorting process. REDWAVE offers flexible sorting systems which are highly effective in separating impurities from valuable minerals.

As required by the customer, sorting will be done by color detection, material identification or by the examination of chemical composition. The excellent industrial design of the REDWAVE machines guarantees high performance and quality recovery of desirable materials.

Advantages of REDWAVE:

  • Cutting edge sorting technology
  • High reliability and efficiency
  • Flexible sorting systems
  • User friendly, low maintenance products
  • Operational and personnel cost reduction
  • Increase the value of the sorted material and the resulting profit
  • High sorting accuracy and high throughput
  • Modem and remote maintenance

Technology leadership due to continuous research and development:

Due to continuous research and development, REDWAVE is the technological leader in the sensor-based sorting technique. Our research and development efforts focus on the areas of:

  • plastics recycling
  • paper recycling
  • glass recycling
  • mining industry
  • electronic scrap
  • automotive industry
  • wood recycling