Storage is not an art – it is a science.

With Vecoplan machines, it is possible to fill and discharge rectangular silos with a capacity of up to 1,000 m³. We also supply uniquely efficient technology for continuous 24-hour discharging that can be used for heating installations, loading and unloading vehicles from silos, and also for discharge from bunkers.


The patented Toploader system is the most economical storage technology for various bulk materials like wood chips, old timber, bark, RDF, corn, grass, pellets and plastics.

Push/pull rod dischargers

Our push/pull rod discharger is designed for large storage capacities and discharge rates of up to 300 m³/h. It is particularly suitable for continuous feeding of boiler systems.

Drag chain dischargers

Drag chain dischargers are provided for discharge of silos via conveying chains, for dosed discharge of intermediate storages and fort he feeding of heating plants.

Screw dischargers

Our screw discharger has an impressive discharge capacity of between 1 and 400 m³/h and consists of several screw shafts in a shared trough construction. One or two discharge openings facilitate optimum dosing of material supplied to the next process.