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The Enviro-Block System can be purchased as a complete package consisting of the following Eagle International engineered and manufactured products:

  • Eagle Hopper
    The Eagle Hopper is an automated hopper designed to make the operator more productive. It assists the operator in handling tires and results in more tires per hour handled than can be done without it.

  • Eagle Tuf-Cut Tire Cutter
    The Eagle Tuf-Cut Tire cutter will cut car, truck, tractor rear and OTR tires up to 23.5/25, 12 ply. These pieces can be mixed in the baling process with the whole tires. The Tuf-Cut comes standard with a tire lift and rollers to handle large tires.

  • Eagle Tire Baler
    The Eagle Baler will form a bale of 100+ waste tires and is capable of baling four (4) bales per hour, or the equivalent of 32 bales in an 8-hour shift. The bales can consist of up to 70% car tires and 30% truck tires.


History and Future of Tire Baling

There is a sense of urgency throughout the entire world to clean up waste sites. This is necessary to enhance our environment and eliminate health and other hazards that exist at many waste tire sites.

Tire baling is not a new idea to the waste tire clean up sector. The current attitude about the baled tire concept has fallen victim to misleading information, defective bales, poor applications and improper follow-up on projects that have used baled tires. With the proper information, equipment, applications and follow-up, the beneficial uses for baled waste tires can prove that this concept is viable and eliminate this misleading concept.

Enviro-Block by Eagle International, LLC is the engineered tire bale produced by our system. We have cooperated with various agencies to find beneficial uses for the tire bale and we feel that we have created an atmosphere of acceptance towards solving waste tire problems with the Enviro-Block.

The low capital investment and maintenance costs as well as the speed make the system very attractive for processing tires.

Consider this...

There are other baling products on the market. When choosing the product that is right for you, it is very important for you to consider the entire cost of the machine. When planning your decision, try to consider the following points:

How much does the entire SYSTEM cost?
Surprisingly, few people ask this question. If you just buy the baler, you do not get the full productivity of the system. The complete package will enable you to process tires for less than 20 cents a piece.

How many BALES PER HOUR can the system produce?
Every manufacturer that knows what they're doing knows the cycle time on their machine. A few minutes with a calculator can really help you figure out where you will make money. Generally, an Enviro-Block can be made every 10-15 minutes.

What does the manufacturer call a CYCLE TIME?
Amazing as this may be, some manufacturers call a cycle the time from when the lever is pressed to when the bale is compressed a cycle time. That's not a cycle. That's an attempt to exaggerate the speed of their baler. A cycle time starts when the lever is pressed to compress a bale, and stops when the cylinder is all the way back, ready to compress another bale. Imagine how you would come out on a bid if you were figuring labor at 8 bales per hour, and discovered that the baler really could only do 4 bales per hour after you had gotten the bid and bought the baler.

How long will the machine last?
The maintenance costs of an Eagle Baler is really very low. If proper maintenance is done on a regular schedule, the Eagle Baler will last a long time. The first Eagle Baler that came off of our production line is now operating in its 12th year.

Is time critical?
If you have all the time in the world, you can fool around with a welder trying to fix an inferior product, especially if you're a really patient person. If you have a contract that must be done by a certain date, you want the product to be as reliable as possible.

Does the manufacturer employ engineers?
While we cannot knock good old Yankee ingenuity (that's what made these balers in the first place), there is a lot to be said for having a trained engineer around. They save countless hours of lost time due to trial-and-error design methods, and save you from liability claims due to someone's poor design.

Are maintenance parts readily available?
Yes, at Eagle International, we have the parts available as you need them. At our company, we understand that any down time costs our customers money and we will work to see that you always have the parts you need.

Does the manufacturer carry an inventory of ready-made parts?
Pre-made parts are a must if time is critical. Many manufactured parts take time to build, and you just may not have any time to spare.

If you have considered these points, and have asked the right questions going into the purchase, you will be sure to make a more fair comparison, and you will win, because you have bought the best baler for the job. We feel confident that our balers are the best on the market, and after considering the above points, that our balers are priced to provide the highest possible rate of return on your investment. If you're looking for a throwaway baler, we're probably not the place you should be looking, but please keep us in mind for after you've thrown the other baler away and you need the real McCoy. Our balers will keep on producing long after others are on the scrap heap.

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