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Windshifter DDS: double drum separator


The Nihot Double Drum Separator (DDS) has two separating sections. This unique separating solutions separates the input into three fractions:

  • heavy

  • mid-heavy

  • light

The Double Drum Separator easily separates various waste qualities, such as:

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW)

  • Refuse derived fuel (RDF)

  • Construction & demolition waste (C&D) and more.


A relative sharp density distrubution of substreams is required.

Characteristics double drum separator

Nihot's Double Drum Separators have many advantages, such as their versatility (can process a large variety of waste streams), high operational reliability and dust free operation. In addition, the Double Drum Separator offers 3-in-1 separation at high capacities

Advantage DDS

The DDS has many advantages, offering:

  • 3-in-1 separation

  • Dust free operation

  • Versatile

Principle separating process DDS

The picture below shows the operating principles of the Double Drum Separator. Heavier material is separated from lighter materials at two splitter drums, resulting in three different output fractions.

The heavy material

The heavy material is separated at the first separation point: it will fall down in front of the first splitter drum. 

The mid-heavy fraction 

The mid-heavy fraction will be separated at the second splitter drum.

The light fraction

At the end of the process, the light fraction is separated from the air (in an air expansion chamber).



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