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High Speed Grinders


Heavy duty and high-tech for optimal results.

The mobile high-speed grinders of our AK series represent highly efficient solutions for a wide variety of recycling tasks thanks to high production and patented load-sensing material feed system.  Regardless of whether you want to use a high-speed grinder of the AK series to process waste wood, green waste, organic waste, pre-shred tree roots or RDF, you will achieve optimal results in any case. When combined with a pre-shredder or a trommel screen, you have the complete solution for a wide range of applications, e.g. mechanical/biological treatment, biomass, refusederived fuel processing or mulch production.


AK 565 

The powerful mobile shredder AK 565 is flexible and universally usable and is distinguished by a lowerable rear discharge conveyor, offering improved ease of maintenance. The new engine also complies the latest EU Stage V emissions standards.


AK 565 K

With its tracked chassis, which is also available as a an offroad version, the AK 565 K may also be used on rough terrain. The lowerable rear belt ensures that maintenance is easier.



As successor of the AK 560 EcoPower Plus, the mobile 3-axle AK 565 Plus is equipped with a new engine that complies with the EU Stage V emissions standards. The 6 m long rear conveyor offers immense flexibility when it comes to discharging.


AK 315

The smallest mobile shredder in the AK series, the AK 315 can be used for almost all shredding tasks, while its new 230 kW MTU engine meets the latest Stage V emission standards.


AK 640 K

With a new, even more powerful main drive, the robust chain drive and the 7.5 m long rear belt with a discharge height of over 5 m, the AK 640 K is designed for the highest demands.


AK 640 SA

The AK 640 SA is the flagship of the AK series and delivers maximum throughput thanks to its huge feed hopper and state-of-the-art engine technology. At the same time, it is just as easy to transport as the smaller models.


AK 235 E

The stationary grinder AK 235 E can be used to grind biowaste and green waste in composting plants, for different qualities of wood in waste wood processing plants, in biomass processing plants and for various grinding tasks in the field of recycling.


AK 440 VE

Reliable quality, versatility and cost-effectiveness in stationary fine shredders – that is what the AK 440 VE provides with its powerful electric motor in every processing plant.


AK 540 VE

Lots of innovative technology, packed in compact dimensions – that is what defines the AK 540 VE.

The stationary shredder provides reliable and efficient fine-shredding, combined with maximum user friendliness.


AK 640 VE

Its mighty 611 HP electric motor gives the stationary AK 640 VE fine shredder its great power and delivers impressive throughput. In addition, it impresses with its comprehensive range of accessories that further increases the machine’s output. 


AK 640 L VE

At almost 11 meters in length, the AK 640 L VE is the longest shredder in the series. In conjunction with its particularly wide feed area for large amounts of material, this makes the machine the ideal solution for operators that have to ensure continuously high output.


AK NZ 180 VE

Equipped with an electric motor, the stationary NZ 180 VE fine shredder is really ideal for every composting and processing facility and can be quickly configured to handle new shredding tasks.

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