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Since 1980, SSI has been designing proven industrial shredding solutions involved in a wide variety of applications including reduction, recycling, recovery, and energy conversion. Our technology is built upon the principles of low-speed, high-torque, rotary shear shredding.

ZEMMLER was found in 2000. Since 2008, the mobile and stationary MULTI SCREEN® double trommel screens are completely manufactured in Großräschen.

Production and quality check has highest priority to us. This is significant for reliability of all ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® screens. Zemmler manufacture according to modern production standards. Each screen is thoroughly tested before delivering to the customer.

The MULTI SRCEEN® double trommel screens allow screening of different material into three fractions in just one working stage. Saving time and reduce your costs for personnel. Operator friendly, the mobile screens ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® are able to set up in just 5 minutes.


The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 1600 Starter is the smallest trommel screening machine in the range of MULTI SCREEN® which is developed especially for end user with lower throughput

MS 1600

The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 1600 is mainly designed for landscape gardening.


MS 3200

The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 3200 is developed based on the increasing demand of compact machine for small businesses, local community as well for landscape gardening.

MS 4200

The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 4200 is designed for middle and big companies with different fields of applications.

The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 5200n represents with its over 5 meter double trommel and total surface of 47 m2 a great solution for all big facilities with high throughput and  different screening materials. 

MS 5200

The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 6700 is the biggest mobile screening machine in the range of product. 

MS 6700

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