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otr Bead remover

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The large Tire Bead Removal machine is used to simultaneously remove both steel bead bundles from large diameter tires OTR Mining Tires. This machine removes the steel bead bundles from both sidewalls of the OTR tire sizes of 29 inch rim opening, up to and including a tire with a 63 inch rim opening. The production rate per hour (example 40.00/57’s) will process four OTR Mining tires per hour. This machine is Automated and programmable so once the tire is loaded the start button is pushed, the machine removes the bead bundles automatically until the steel bead bundles are completely removed from the tires.

This machine is of great benefit, removing the steel bead bundles from the Giant OTR tires first, will speed up production and make money when processing these tires as you have eliminated the toughest part of these tires. Imagine the downstream shredding after eliminating these steel beads. Value added rubber products made from OTR Mining tires will have a greater profit margin.

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