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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

The AK 565 K is a newly developed model of the AK series, thus replacing the predecessor model AK 510 K BioPower. The new MTU engine complies with the very new EU Stage V emissions standards, while offering now with 390 kW a torque that has been increased by 400 Nm over its predecessor. In addition to the standard tracked chassis, there is also an offroad version that provides the AK 565 K with even more ground clearance for improved mobility on rough terrain.

The AK 565 K offers more ease of maintenance thanks in particular to the standard lowerable rear belt. The use of uniform subassemblies and components ensures that the need for spare parts is minimal and their replacement is easy in case of servicing. With the new decentralized electrical system and the new radio system, the AK 565 K features expanded diagnostic abilities, thus offering improved support in case of failure.

Cooling capacity has been improved compared to its predecessor. At the same time, the cooling system control is more effective, making it easier to reach the operating temperature faster. Similarly, fire safety has been improved as well: the exhaust system and the AGN box are made entirely of stainless steel and are thermally shielded with the highest quality integral insulation.

The Doppstadt AK 565 K can be used for a very broad range of materials, such as for shredding waste wood, wood pallets, green waste, bio-waste, tree trunks and roots.



The efficient and economical processing of waste wood calls for adapting systems and equipment to suit the wide variety of challenges. A high degree of purity at low operating costs are in demand for fully leveraging the potential of wood as a resource.

Doppstadt consults, plans and engineers powerful package solutions that are precisely adapted to the requirements on site and which integrate existing components, including impressive services for a future-proof and successful operation.


Composting biogenic waste products like green waste or bio-waste leads to high-quality soil conditioners and homogeneous fuels that can be utilized to produce to heat. New statutory requirements for safeguarding the quality of the products produced here are resulting in more and more new challenges.

The customized solutions from Doppstadt overcome these challenges while offering at the same time maximum flexibility for the changing tasks of tomorrow.


The greatest challenge in processing waste into refuse derived fuel can be attributed to the sometimes very diverse composition of input material that has to be shredded, screened and separated.

The machines from Doppstadt excel thanks to their low operating cost and wide variety of possible modifications and adjustments to meet customer specific requirements. The maintenance friendly design ensures short set-up time and maximum throughput for optimum efficiency and economic viability.


- Easy one-man operation (all functions can be controlled via remote control), machine moved using the tracked chassis, high mobility on rough terrain (*offroad version available as option with a clearance that is 200 mm higher)

- Continuous shredding thanks to load-sensing material infeed, impervious to obstructions due to freely oscillating flails

- Latest engine and emissions control technology, compliance with the EU Stage V emissions standards

- Exhaust system made entirely of stainless steel

- Standard lowerable rear belt (7.5 m long with a discharge height of more than 5 m) ensures very short set-up times and maximum accessibility and ease of maintenance for the flail drum, tools and rear basket

- Separate drive unit for scraper floor and floating infeed roller for optimum intake of materials and high output

- Freely oscillating flails of the flail drum, with a flywheel mass of approx. 2.5 m. tons, have flail tips that can be replaced individually and adapted for specific materials (e.g. hard metal or armored tips)

- Special basket* with 3D technology for processing waste wood, for improving the structural composition of the end product (*optional)

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