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Another quality Zemmler mobile trommel headed to Australia.

Zemmler has been manufacturing mobile double trommel screening plants since 2007. The various series have been continuously improved and adapted to the most diverse requirements.

When the first MS1600 was presented at a trade fair for the first time in spring 2012, after one year of testing, it was the smallest model, the smallest mobile double trommel screening machine.

The aim was to provide our customers with a high-performance screening plant which enables screening in three fractions in one operation while still guaranteeing the mobility required. Firstly, the Zemmler MS 1600 is the smallest mobile double drum screening plant. On the other hand, it has been designed in a way that its total weight does not exceed 3.5 tons, making it possible to have it transported with a car licensed for this trailer load. This eliminates additional transport costs and vehicles, and special permits are also not required.

The proven double trommel technology in conjunction with an optional slip-on ring makes it possible to screen out three fractions in one single operation – just as with the larger series. Besides time and resources, it also saves human and operating resources and, above all, disposal costs. The various optimizations made to the screening machine not only make it a compact machine, but also an extremely powerful one.

With a total screening surface of almost 12 m², a screening capacity of 5 to 30 m³/h is achieved. The inner and outer trommels are covered with wire screens, which can be freely selected in shape, mesh size (2 to 80mm) and wire bars. Individual adaptation to the most varied screening requirements and to the respective project can be ensured. Since it is not necessary to replace the entire trommel during a screen change, but only the screen covers have to be changed, mounting directly on site is possible without special tools. The MS1600 is therefore perfect for companies with constantly changing screen requirements and service locations, and for those who appreciate and need a high degree of mobility and flexibility.


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