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CERON TYPE 256 – Low speed shredding with maximum flexibility


The CERON TYPE 256 provides maximum flexibility for all typical pre-shredding tasks thanks to its powerful drive system and wear-resistant roller and comb teeth as well as diverse equipment variations.


The CERON TYPE 256 operates utilizing the low-speed principle: The roller, which is 2.5 m long and 0.6-0.8 m thick, tears the incoming material continuously through the shredding comb, which automatically opens to prevent the occurrence of any damage in case of obstructions. The features that make the stationary pre-shredder of the CERON series outstanding include a high throughput and the chunky composition of the pre-shredded materials.

All wear and tear parts can be replaced in just a few steps. The level connection options in the infeed and discharge areas ensure that the machine is able to easily adapt to installation-specific conditions and that literally makes the CERON TYPE 256 the right partner for all shredding tasks.

The machine is directly driven using three-phase motors. The speed can be individually regulated to ensure that the machine is always optimally adapted to the respective process requirements. Large safety doors and flaps facilitate the efficient and safe maintenance from outside of the machine.

The pre-shredders of the CERON series process waste wood, roots, green waste, bio-waste, household waste, bulky waste, commercial waste, construction waste and much more. This makes the machine well suited for a wide variety of tasks in the areas of mechanical/biological treatment, bio-mass processing or recovery of refuse-derived fuels.


- Universally usable for shredding a wide variety of materials

- Versatile thanks to the different equipment options, wide range of tooth shapes, drive systems, stands or lower conveyor belts

- Less energy consumption thanks to efficient, frequency-controlled direct drive

- Very rugged design for an extra long service life

- Easy to service and maintain as a result of comb hatch that can be opened hydraulically, offering direct access to the shredding tools

- Shredding drum can be moved in jog mode to allow for a much easier tool change

- Very low noise emissions during operation

- Integrated misting equipment to reduce dust emissions



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