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DW 2060 E – The small powerhouse that is geared for universal use

Slow and powerful and extremely thorough. That sums up the shredding process of the DW 2060 E. Thanks to its proven single-shaft principle and the hydraulically actuated counter-comb, it is the ideal partner for all challenging shredding jobs.


Rotating at a relaxed 23 rpm, the 2 m wide shredding drum of the DW 2060 E exerts even more force at this rate, pulling the incoming material through the shredding drum with its 14 roller teeth and 15 comb teeth. The shredding comb opens automatically to prevent the occurrence of any damage in case of obstructions.

Given the impressive amount of power it delivers, the DW 2060 E is surprisingly quiet and especially easy to maintain: Engine and power units can be easily accessed from both sides. Consequently, wear and tear parts can also be replaced in no time at all. A multifunctional display shows all of the relevant machine data and allows easy operation of the shredder, which can also be controlled using the optional remote control.

Even though it is the smallest member of the legendary DW series, the DW 2060 E does not really need to fear comparison. After all, it has everything that is needed to handle even demanding tasks like reliably shredding waste wood, roots, green waste, bio-waste, household waste, bulky waste, commercial waste and much more.

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