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First Doppstadt Methor has arrived in Australia

We are so happy to announce that Doppstadt METHOR has arrived in Australia.

Adaptable and versatile like no other of its class – Methor takes things as they come. As a multipurpose recycling system it is simply unstoppable. Whether opening (bags), dosing, charging, disintegrating, crushing or cutting – indestructible and resistant to contaminants, it covers the widest range of applications even under the most adverse conditions.

The Methor is the first Doppstadt single-shaft shredder, which has been especially developed for smaller material quantities. Its shredding system can be changed within 30 minutes.

  • shredding of smaller volumes, mono-material batches and special fractions

  • proven Doppstadt high-performance technology

That is why the Methor combines all the reliability and economic efficiency of the bigger Doppstadt machines with a completely new flexibility.


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