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Problem recognized, machine ready to go: Our mobile fine shredder AK 565 processes perfect substrate even from lumpy input material such as horse manure and is therefore ideally suited for biogas plants!

New legal regulations are currently posing particular challenges to biogas plant and organic farm operators: The increase of the amount of manure and liquid manure to be processed often leads to technical difficulties. Long fermentation times of unshredded and usually lumpy manure prevent the fast throughput that is known from corn processing.

Efficient Shredding and Processing

With the Doppstadt AK 565 shredder you can continue where you left off with the corn: The mobile fine shredder achieves a very good homogenization and straw fraying even in case of lumpy and tough input material such as horse manure. Even microorganisms can be injected on request in order to further accelerate the process. With the AK 565 you can fray the straw in several degrees thus meeting your needs perfectly. This permits the straw to decompose more quickly, the floating fractions in the fermenter are reduced and the stirring process is facilitated. Your advantages: a higher gas yield, lower electricity costs and short dwell times in the fermenter. Furthermore, the rotting process at high temperatures starting after the shredding is a guarantee for reduced weed seed contamination – a real plus for organic farms. Interested?

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