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Take a skeptical customer with high expectations and our trommel screen SM 620 PLUS. Bring them together and you’ve got a successful demonstration and a perfectly convinced customer.

The customer from Western Brisbane put the machine to the test with various materials. In the end, it was not only the result, but also the flexibility of the machine what convinced him. The load-sensing hydraulics ensured an optimum material feed into the machine at any time and by means of the user-friendly remote control, the machine was easy to operate and the settings easy to adjust. So, the SM 620 Plus was able to screen the oversize quickly and obtain a high-quality product, ready for sale.

“This customer was able to achieve with a 20mm screen on the SM620 Plus what his other trommel could only accomplish with a 12mm screen at a slower output rate “, JDM Aust reported. Since April 2019, the Australian enterprise is a Doppstadt partner and the co-operation couldn’t be better. We are pleased for JDM Aust about this successful demonstration!


As a universal screening machine, the SM 620 Plus shows its prowess and toughness, while getting the most out of every recycling process by leveraging its large capacity. At the same time, it excels with economical fuel consumption and low operating costs.


With a capacity of 5 m³ and a hopper width of 3.78 m, the SM 620 Plus is exceptionally well suited for larger recycling plants. After all, the two-axle trailer really is able to hold a lot. Be it household or commercial waste, compost, bark, wood chips, building rubble and excavated earth, the SM 620 Plus is absolutely convincing in every task – and is thus a universal screening machine that has really earned its name.

As an upgrade to our popular SM 620 Profi, the SM 620 Plus can be used either as drum or star screening machine – with the switchover only requiring 45 minutes.

The SM 620 Plus is equipped by default as a two-fraction drum screening machine that is able to generate together with the optionally available rock screen up to four fractions in one step. It may moreover be equipped with an optional magnetic drum and an optional air separator mounted at the rear belt.



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