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The wait is finally over! The market launch of our new single-shaft shredders Methor and

Inventhor Type 6 has started at full speed these days.

MENTHOR Flexibility and shredding power were one of the main targets while engineering. So we came up with this modular design, quick change shaft system and the extremely robust design of the entire machine.

Especially for small and medium-sized companies the METHOR provides efficiency and flexibility in the processing of various standard and special materials – from construction waste to industrial waste, mattresses and much more. At the same time it offers all the benefits of our bigger shredders and the quality without compromise of the Doppstadt High-Performance Technology.

The Methor on tracks can be moved independently on site, even while shredding material, without needing any additional vehicle. read more... INVENTHOR TYPE 6

Powerful, dynamic, and ready to use anywhere you need it! The Inventhor Type 6 shreds with high efficiency – whether green waste, industrial waste, waste wood and a lot more. And, of course, in perfect teamwork with the Doppstadt Selector 800 with SWS 800 spiral shaft screen within complete material processing lines.

The Inventhor Type 6 does not only promise more economic efficiency – it also adduces the evidence. Compared to the DW and a competitor twin-shaft shredder it becomes clear that the Inventhor Type 6 achieves the same production as the competitors in spite of the lower nominal power, but it consumes less. Furthermore, it is extremely flexible and yields high-class results! read more... CONTACT JDM AUST FOR A PRICE!

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