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Updated: Oct 16, 2018

Since May 2018, the Dutch Company Despray B. V has officially announced our outstanding JDM Aust Pty Ltd as its exclusive sales and service representative for the patented Despray aerosol recycling technology.

About Despray B.V

Despray B.V is a sister company of the Boessenkool B.V/ O.E.M group. The company was recently chosen out of 10,000 applicants and was awarded “Most innovative company in Netherlands”. The Despray technology boasts the World’s first and only containerized Aerosol recycling technology. Not only does this technology stand alone as a comprehensive turnkey Aerosol recycling system, but it also has state of the art safety features and Gas purification technology. 100% of the liquids, gases and the metal can be recycled. Despray M.D. Mike MacKay states: “Containerizing this Aerosol technology will revolutionize the Aerosol spray can market. We now have the technology and medium to deal with the 15 Billion spray cans produced each year and turn this hazardous waste problem into an environmental win. We are looking forward to joining up with industry leaders and innovators to bring this vital technology to the Worldwide market.”

About JDM

JDM Aust Pty Ltd successfully represents some of the Worlds most respected and Internationally Recognized Principals and manufacturers of Recycling equipment. JDM provides full backup services such as technical support, spare parts and servicing of all of their respected product lines. JDM equipment servicing is carried out by a network of service agents and contractors Australia wide. This is a vital support system necessary to roll out and service the Despray product line across Australia and New Zealand. JDM representative Jeff Steine states: This is one of the most exciting recycling technologies that I have seen in a long time. “We are excited to be part of this as it been a long time required piece of recycling equipment.”

This partnership between Despray and JDM Aust is just an example of how the Aerosol recycling market can be successfully expanded and serviced Worldwide.

More information is expected to be released the Fourth Quarter of this year.

For more information, please visit

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