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JDM Aust Pty Ltd was appointed the Australian representative for REDWAVE

Currently there is an average refuse capacity of about 380,000 m² for each individual resident in Australia, but the Australian population is growing and with it the mountains of waste. According to forecasts by the National Bureau of Statistics, the population could increase from the current 25 million to about 36 million by 2046. The state of Victoria forecasts a total increase in waste of around 55 percent over the same period. On a comparative basis nationwide, the total volume of waste could reach 90 to 100 million tonnes in the long term.

As a recent publication from BVSE reported, Australia urgently needs to invest in waste management. For decades, Australia has exported large quantities of waste. This high level of export dependence amongst parts of the Australian waste industry will be unsustainable in the future. When China tightened its import regulations for recycled materials to a maximum contamination level of 0.5 percent in 2018, Australia was suddenly left with large amounts of waste.

Huge mounds of plastic or paper waste formed in certain factories. Partly recyclable materials were just dumped to landfill due the shortage of commercial sources for recycling.

Although Australian waste exports to other countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam or Thailand have increased in recent months, these states have also announced stricter regulations.

As a result, there is an urgent need for investment in equipment for material recovery plants and a demand for equipment and expertise that we at REDWAVE are able to offer. As our representative on the ground in Australia reports, this development is something he is only too well aware of: JDM Aust Pty Ltd was appointed the Australian representative for REDWAVE in 2012. Since that time we have experienced a great level of success in establishing REDWAVE as a major competitor in the Australian market.

We have formed a great relationship with the team at REDWAVE and this has led to us establishing REDWAVE as a major player in the Australian market. We currently have 40 machines in the market with another 25 on order. We also have a very healthy pipeline of projects that will give us the opportunity to keep growing over the next 5 years and beyond.

Read the REDWAVE News Issue 35

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