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LP 60 - Small in size but big in performance

The LP 60 is a very powerful little baler and will do the job for most recyclers! It can compact most materials and can be equipped with a cross strapping unit. The LP 60 can process up to 30 tonnes/hour or more and has a combined press force of 85 tonnes.



  • Cardboard

  • Hollow containers and plastic bottles

  • Mixed paper

  • Plastic film

  • Newspaper

  • Print and plastic waste

  • RDF, SRF and MSW


  • Metal

This baler is available with these options:

Waste designHardened steel plates in the baler’s friction chamber in order to prolong the lifespan of the baler when baling hard-wearing materials like waste and PET.

Cross strapping unitUnit for strapping the bale from a second direction – in order to get high bale density when baling expanding materials like plastic.

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