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Nihot SDS windshifter (Single Drum Separator)

The Nihot SDS windshifter (Single Drum Separator) is the ideal solution for separating all kind of waste types into two fractions, heavy and light. The robust construction and foolproof functionality guarantee a long lasting and trouble-free operation.

The SDS windshifter is using industry-leading negative pressure technology to sort a wide range of materials by density and particularly useful in processing e.g.:

  • Bad shredded materials

  • Waste containing large materials

  • Abrasive materials (glass, inert, car scrap, etc.)

  • A high volume percentage of light materials (plastics and film)

  • Hard and bulky soft materials

  • High moisture contents

The Single Drum Separator easily separates Municipal Solid waste (MSW), Commercial & Demolition waste (C&D), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), compost, and more.

Principle separating process

The Single Drum Separator (SDS) has one splitter drum, at which the heavy material is separated from the light material. View the picture below for the operating principles.


The SDS is a high volume, high capacity system, offering:

  • A high reliability

  • Dust free operation – positive effect of negative pressure technology

  • Versatility to process a wide variety of waste streams

  • Adjustable separation settings during operation provide superior separation efficiency

  • Low energy consumption due to our unique configuration with a recirculation fan (less ductwork)

  • Low maintenance and very few wearable parts, i.e. reduced downtime, low operational costs

  • Equipped with stone catch er to prevent blockage inside the blow ducting

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