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Press Release

Dear all

As part of our duty to the well-being of all our staff, customers, suppliers, community in general and their families, we have adopted the following policy to help the current situation with our great nations struggle with the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The directors of JDMAust Pty Ltd have implemented as of 27th March 2020 all our staff to work remotely from their homes. We have established systems in place since 2019 that  allows our staff to conduct business as normal remotely. 

We are a sales company therefore are in constant contact with many people, personal interaction is a very important function of our business. 

However we have ceased all travel both domestically and internationally as instructed by our government. Our state based representatives will be restricted to appointments only by written invitation only by customers. 

We will continue to service you as normal, all orders for equipment and parts will progress with our usual focus on delivery. Any delays  will be communicated. 

We will be rolling out our Parts On Time program which we are extremely happy about. 

Our core focus is on the wellbeing of our small team, our customers, our suppliers, our community and their families. 

Our hearts go out to those fellow business people and the backbone of our society , the people we rely on and make our companies great, our staff, employees  who are struggling. We wish you well you legends.  

There will be good come of this devastating situation I know it. Stay strong stay healthy and DON’T GIVE UP. 

Jim Kenny

Managing Director 

JDMAust Pty Ltd

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