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We are pleased to announce our partnership with REDOMA

We are now able to supply World Class Cable Recycling equipment from REDOMA, a leading manufacturer of small and medium-sized cable recycling plants. Worldwide we have successfully installed more than 350 cable plants under the brand name System Redoma.


As of January 1st 2016, REDOMA Recycling AB is part of the ELDAN Group, forming the world’s largest manufacturer of cable recycling equipment with 90 years of joint experience. REDOMA offers small and medium-sized cable recycling plants from 150 kg/h up to 1700 kg/h while ELDAN focuses on high capacity recycling solutions from 2000 kg/h up to 10000 kg/h (for all kind of cable). Both generating copper, aluminum and plastic granules as end product and lead, steel and dust as by products. Our equipment is well known for its high quality, flexible design and reliability.

Do you need more information? Contact our team today! Call 1300 767 589

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