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REDWAVE MATE - your Artificial Intelligent Friend

In order to support you in operating and optimising your recycling system in the future, another step in the direction of artificial intelligence has been taken in the recycling industry. 24 hours a day … 7 days a week … 100%! The REDWAVE 2i technology presented in 2018 was already based on machine learning and artificial intelli-gence. This technology links different types of sensors. Predictive parameterisation and further steps towards artificial intelligence now bring REDWAVE MATE to life. The friend in the recycling industry – to monitor and optimise the entire sorting plant! REDWAVE MATE is the first system to measure quality and to record and analyse information during production. The collected data is not only used for monitoring and as a source of information, but also to ensure optimal plant and sorting operation. Artificial intelligence not only increases plant availability and sorting efficiency, it also maximises yield and purity. The communication between the sorting machines takes place in real time. Monitoring across platforms makes the flow of information manageable. How does REDWAVE MATE support you? - By optimising plant and sorting operation - By improving and optimising sorting rate and final output quality - By increasing plant availability and sorting efficiency - By monitoring material flows across platforms - By comparing individual machine data and recommending parameterisation - By making data for e.g. plant managers always immediately available - By being available on all commonly available mobile devices - By exporting and processing data With REDWAVE MATE, we have created an artificially intelligent friend that will support you in operating a sorting plant or just individual sorting machines as efficiently and profitably as possible. With a friend by your side!

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