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Shredding tyres with the Doppstadt Inventhor 6 plus in Brisbane

Tyre recycling offers several profitable business opportunities since rubber can be reused in different ways.

The amount of waste made up of used tyres and other rubber products continues to grow year after year. By shredding tyres, you can keep them from floating to the top of the landfill, increase compaction, and provide an excellent product for daily cover, biosolids compost aeration, and other uses.

Check out our last demonstration on site in Brisbane shredding tyres with the Doppstadt Group Inventhor 6 plus.

Doppostadt Inventhor 6 benefits

The intuitive operating concept and modular design of the Inventhor 6 ensure maximum availability for a wide range of applications. In this context, it can also be easily adjusted to different materials by quickly switching out the entire shredder package.

- variable, continuous power transmission thanks to our patented VarioDirect Drive concept

- high level of flexibility and quick retrofitting thanks to our patented Dopp-Lock® system with bolted tools

- moderate operating costs, high machine uptime

- outstanding capacity even with demanding applications and maximum throughput rates

- optionally available engine types (CAT / MTU) for different performance requirements

- excellent monitoring concept for shredding process

- maximum throughput rates

- quick uptime after maintenance and improved on-the-job safety during maintenance

- lower specific fuel consumption and reduced noise emissions

- optionally available as a wheeled semi-trailer (SA), with trailer chassis (A) or track-mounted chassis (K) with different discharge conveyor lengths (4.9 and 7 m)

Get the info you’re looking for right now! Give us a call on 1300 767 589 to book a demo or for more information.

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