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This year at the AWRE, JDM Aust Pty Ltd will be show casing a new machine.


The machine distinguishes itself by its simplicity and robust technology. Nondescript oversized waste is simply dropped off onto the ground in front of the machine after separation. In so doing, there is no clogging or blocking of the waste materials which may culminate in a complete standstill. Undersized waste is collected and discharged on the internal collecting conveyor.

The SWS 400 stands out from the other pre-separation systems due to a number of distinguishing features:

Processing of not easily screen able material streams which are prone to coiling and may cause substantial equipment wear

Application of the hydraulic auxiliary drive as used in other Doppstadt products

Various, quickly exchangeable spiral shaft separator decks

Hooklift-mobile system

Consistent separation results in the ongoing process, since the self-cleaning effect is likely to prevent a decrease in quality over the course of a processing stage

This machine with no return line is suitable for a variety of bulky and positively nondescript separation goods... Read More

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