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Screen stationary


IFE was founded in 1947 as Institute for Technical Research and Development and is today among the world’s leading manufacturers of vibro conveyors, screening machines and magnetic separators.

At IFE, quality and reliability, safety and commercial efficiency have been our main priorities for more than six decades. It is on the basis of this orientation and continuous innovation that IFE is able to assert itself as a worldwide leading supplier of machine components for the bulk materials industry.

Our customers benefit from the maximum use of the experience we have gained in supplying for many applications in various industries. This experience represents the driving force for constant product development.

The company’s global activities are supported by sales partner throughout Europe and overseas.

Screening Technology

Screening solutions for nearly any material – owing to extensive know-how with bulk material screening.

There is a large field requiring the use of vibratory devices for pre-separation, separation, screening and classification purposes. Efficiency and automation measures make high demands on reliability and precision. Known as a reliable partner for many years, IFE manufactures a whole range of screens and special screens.

In addition to conventional linear motion and circular motion vibrating screens, IFE offers special screening machines for very demanding duties:

The optimal solution for screening without clogging of material difficult to screen.

for waste treatment and recycling

Waste Screen

IFE waste screens are flat screen designs with an unbalanced shaft. 



doubledeck screen for the recycling industry

The proven design of the upper deck combined with the new resonance system VARIOMAT of the lower deck provide for an extraordinary double deck screen. 


Flip-flop screen TRISOMAT

for difficult to handle material

The flip-flop screen TRISOMAT is perfectly suited for difficult to handle material. These screens perform outstandingly where the decks of conventional screens clog or stick. 


Hard particle separator and Destoner

separation of hard, heavy or 3D materials

IFE Hard particle separator and Destoner are used to concentrate valuable substances as well as to separate tramp material. 


Fine sorting system IFE-SORT

separation of fine bulk material

IFE-SORT is a density separator based on fluidbed technology for fine, dry material. This air sorting table uses a combination of vibration and airfluid technology to create the separation process.


Linear motion vibrating screen

IFE linear motion vibrating screens are used for screening of granulous bulk material.

tailor-made for all applications


Underwater screen

special screen for wet screening

IFE underwater screens with IFE exciter drive work in a tank. The screen deck is partially submerged.


Dewatering screen

for dewatering and removal of mud and sludge

These screens dewater material and sludge and produce bulk material which can be transported with standard means. 



multideck screen in compact design

Sizers are economical solutions in a compact design. Screening is done repeatedly on up to 6 screen decks arranged above each other, where the inclination of each deck increases downwards.


Banana Screen

special screen for highest performance

The IFE banana screen can handle two - to three times the specific feedrate of conventional screens. These screens are best used when there is increased feed rate or when the capacity must be very high. 


Circular motion vibrating screen

universal screen for bulk material

IFE circular motion vibrating screens are used for screening of granoulos bulk material and are robust in design and build.


Scalper Screen

robust design for efficient scalping

IFE scalping screens are made in rigid design and are driven by IFE unbalanced motors or IFE exciter drives. 

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