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Windshifter SDX: single drum separator


Our new SDX is a windshifter using industry-leading negative pressure technology to remove inert from the waste stream for the protection of secondary shredders. It is available in two sizes, the SDX 1000 and SDX 1400.

We have developed this unique windshifter to meet our customer’s needs: premium protection at the lowest cost per ton. The new SDX windshifter will meet their expectations by innovative designing and engineering, quick delivery and quick on-site assembly. A standard machine, dedicated for RDF/SRF installations and the overall benefit of providing superior separation.

Characteristics single drum separator

The SDX can process fraction sizes of 0-500 mm. Main characteristics and benefits of the windshifter:

  • Dedicated for RDF/SRF production plants

  • Removing inert for the protection of the secondary shredders

  • Smart design and engineering, i.e. quick delivery time and quick assembly on-site

  • Integrated recirculation fan and limited ducting

  • 2 economically priced standard models: SDX 1000 and SDX 1400

  • Low maintenance and very few wearable parts, i.e. reduced downtime, low operational costs

  • Equipped with stone catcher to prevent blockage inside the blow ducting

  • Low energy consumption due to our unique configuration with a recirculation fan

  • Dust free operation, the positive effect of negative pressure technology



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