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Scrap & Auto Recycling Equipment

Al-jon provides the best car loggers, scrap metal balers and car crushers in the industry.

Superior Machines start with Smarter Design

To make money in the scrap business, you have to crush or bale all you can. Successful operations rely on Al-jon scrap recycling equipment.

In 1963, Al-jon designed and built our first car crusher. We’ve followed a straightforward philosophy – Keep it simple. Build it strong. We have remained true to that promise ever since. Al-jon uses stronger, lighter materials. Instead of expensive high-pressure hydraulic systems, Al-jon uses a reliable low-pressure system with a two-stage pump.

Confortable Operators are more Productive

  • Find out more about our scrap recycling equipment:

  • Al-jon Impact V car crusher

  • Al-jon 400XL logger baler

  • Al-jon 580CL car logger

  • Al-jon End of Life Vehicle Recycling System (ELV)

  • Al-jon scrap accessories

Al-jon Impact V car crusher

Routine machine service and maintenance points are easily accessible and engineered to be serviced safely and quickly.


400xl Logger Baler

Al-jon’s 400XL Baler is solidly-built to withstand the demands of the job. Our machine proves that there is no substitute for iron.

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580CL Car Logger Baler

The model 580CL now features redesigned high-strength lids that have been thoroughly proven in the lab using linear structural FEA analysis and in the field on our most demanding applications


580ELV – Car Dismantling

The ELV can be built with diesel or electric power, with a pedestal mount crane or a frame mounted crane, with the Impact V Car Crusher or the 580 Car Logger. In addition, the ELV can be operated inside a building or out in the open.

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