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super slicer


The multi-purpose Eagle Super Slicer unit enables you to remove the sidewalls or the steel beads from truck tires, light truck tires and car tires. The cycle time is twelve seconds on truck tires (up to 44" outside diameter) production rate of 50-60 per hour, and eight seconds on car tires (13" to 16" outside diameter) production rate of 70-90 per hour. The Eagle Super Slicer offers several important features that are of significant value to the safety and efficient operation of the machine. The protective shroud protects the operator. In addition, the viewing ports permit a safe view of the cutting process. A Hydraulic Bead Adjustment allows mechanical positioning of the tire for optimal cutting and debeading procedures. A h ardened Alloy, Serrated Cutter Blade maximized cutting effectiveness. The Tread Cutter Attachment (optional) is designed to cut across the face of the tread. Also available with Eagle Sidewall Cutter.

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