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Windshifter WSS


The separation unit of the WSS Windshifter has a diagonal design. In the diagonal shifter unit, the heavy materials are separated from the light materials. 

Characteristics diagonal Windshifter

The diagonal Windshifter (WSS) can process fraction sizes of 20-400 mm. A few specific benefits and characteristics of the WSS diagonal Windshifter:

  • 60% of the exhaust air is re-used

  • High separation efficiency of up to 99%

  • Flexible, can be set up in many different ways / layouts

  • Low dust emission, dust free operation

  • Minimized maintenance costs

The diagonal shifter's principle:

The typical characteristic of a diagonal Windshifter (WSS) is the use of a blow nozzle. About 60% of the aspirated air is returned back into the system. This allows for a smaller dust filter. But more over it helps to control the separation efficiency since we can fully adjust the blown air separately from the aspirated air.

Applications WSS

The diagonal Windshifter can be used in a wide range of applications. A few typical applications of the WSS:

  • MSW

  • C&D

  • C&I

  • Monostreams

  • Dry recyclables


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