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MS 5200


The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 5200n represents with its over 5 meter double trommel and total surface of 47 m2 a great solution for all big facilities with high throughput and  different screening materials. The length of the double trommel and  the wire screens enable a selective clean screening result with a small mesh size and cohesive material.

The double trommel and the conveyor belts run in line with the proven diesel-hydraulic drive which is driven over a simple control panel. As option extended conveyor belts can be mounted to provide more flexibility during the removal of the material.


Technical Data

  • Throughput (material-dependent)

  • 20 up to 150 m³/h

  •  Drive

  • Diesel-hydraulic, power: 66 kW

  • Optional diesel-electric or electric

  •  Double trommel

  • Screening surface: 24,5 m² (inner), 22,1 m² (outer)

  • Outer diameter: 2.000 mm

  • Trommel length: 5.200 mm

  •  Wire screens

  • Interchangeable

  • Mesh size from 2 to 80 mm

  • Inner mesh size 80 x 170 mm (standard)

  •  Fractions

  • 3 fractions

  • Optional 4th fraction with stone grid

  •  Feeding hopper

  • Volume: 5,5 m³

  • Loading height: 2.950 mm

  • Loading length: 3.600 mm

  •  Weight (depending on features)

  • approx. 13.500 kg

  • Transportation measurements (L x W x H)

  • 11.100 x 2.550 x 3.800 mm

Application Field

  • Soil, sand, gravel, stone, compost, wood chip, construction waste, substitute fuel, slag, glass, carbon, green waste etc.

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