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MS 1600 Starter


The ZEMMLER® MULTI SCREEN® MS 1600 Starter is the smallest trommel screening machine in the range of MULTI SCREEN® which is developed especially for end user with lower throughput but still flexibility in transportation  like gardening, foundation contractor or local community. The semi-mobile MS 1600 Starter is considered as alternative to the mobile MS1600. The trommel structure is designed equivalent. The low weight of 1,8 t and compact design simplify the transportation as well as operation on different construction zones. The MS 1600 Starter fits on almost every trailer.

With the aid of an extension, the machine can be modified to a 3rdfraction machine within a short time.

Technical Data

  • Throughput (material- dependent)

  • 5 up tp 30 m³/h

  • Drive

  • electric (power rating 16A)

  • optional with power generator (from 7,0 kVA on)

  • Double trommel

  • Screening surface: 5,2 m² (inner), 6,5 m² (outer)

  • Outer diameter: 1.300 mm

  • Trommel length: 1.740 / 2.640 mm

  • Wire screens

  • Interchangeable

  • Mesh size from 2 to 80 mm

  • Inner mesh size 75 x 170 mm (standard)

  • Fractions

  • 2 fractions

  • optional 3rd fraction by extension

  • Feeding hopper

  • Volume: 1 m³

  • Loading height: 2.460  mm

  • Loading lenght: 2.010 mm

  • Weight (depending on features)

  • max 1.800 kg

  • Transportation measurements (L x W x H)

  • 2.641 x 2.022 x 2.182 mm

Application Field

  • Soil, sand, gravel, stone, compost, wood chip, construction waste, substitute fuel etc.

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